Associação Mãe Dos Extrativistas Da Resex De Canavieiras (AMEX)

The Canavieiras marine extractive reserve was established in 2006, in decreed in the name of AMEX. which is the umbrella organisation of the 9 community associations of the inhabitants of the reserve. AMEX has 2300 members, a directorate and  a deliberative council of 12 members. In 2009 AMEX held its founding assemblee and became a legal entity. AMEX aim is to

-     strengthen the participation and capacity of extractivist inhabitants with regards to the gestation of the Canavieiras extractive reserve

-     strengthen the organisation and community articulation of the 14 partners of AMEX

-     Implement public policies which benefit the inhabitant extractivists

-     Implement actions which strengthen the culture and the traditional modes of extractivsim of extractive reserve Canavieiras.

Besides activities directly related to these aims, AMEX has been actively participating in the REDE Mangue Mar Brasil- the national Mangrove network of Brasil.