Call for Concept Papers on Peatswamp Forest Conservation in Riau, Indonesia

The Siemenpuu Foundation board has made a tentative allocation of 180 000 euros for projects aiming for peatswamp forest conservation and restauration in Riau Province, Indonesia. We now call for concept papers on this theme from the Jikalahari network members and Hakiki. The deadline for the concept papers is 22.4.2018. The following guidance should be taken into consideration by the applicants:

- Thematic scope of the project concepts: peatswamp forest conservation and peat restauration. A strong local community component is important, as well as active involvement and empowerment of women. Policy-level work related to peatswamp forests is included in the call. Also mangrove work may be covered if related to peat.
- Who may apply: Jikalahari network’s members and Hakiki. The applicant has to be a registered entity in Indonesia. We encourage coordination between Jikalahari members and Hakiki when drafting the concept papers.
- Funding range per concept paper: 30 000 – 55 000 euros.
- Duration of the projects: July 2018 – September 2020.
- How to apply: submit your concept paper by using the standard Form in English (Concept Paper Form English) or in Indonesian (Concept Paper Form Indonesian). Send the concept paper by email to: kirsi.chavda[a], latest on April 22nd, 2018.

The application process for Riau projects will have two phases: first short concept papers, based on which Siemenpuu will ask for full application(s). We reserve the right to merge the project concepts into a comprehensive project administered by Jikalahari. Administrative details will be looked into after partners are chosen on the basis of the concept papers submitted. Depending on the number of applications, not all proposals can be necessarily funded, and Siemenpuu may adjust budgets of the concept papers based on merits and concept note quality when full applications are requested.

For questions about the call for concept papers, please contact Programme Coordinator Kirsi Chavda (kirsi.chavda[a] or Vice Chairperson Otto Miettinen (otto.miettinen[a]

This call is under Siemenpuu Foundation’s "Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest and Coastal Ecosystems" funding scheme. Read more about the thematic focus here.

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