Civil society views from India, Mali, Mozambique and Nepal

Anabela Lemos from JA! (Mozambique), Ibrahim Togola from MFC (Mali), Ritu Priya from SADED (India) and Uddhab Pyakurel from SADED-Nepal (Nepal) shared their views in the Siemenpuu webinar on 27 May 2020. Below are the main issues discussed by the invited speakers.


Anabela Lemos, Justiça Ambiental (JA!), Mozambique:


Dear partners and friends,

The unforeseen coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused rapid changes in the societies all over the world. There is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen next.

We hope you all will be able to stay safe and take care of yourselves, your team, your families and communities. Please follow the advice of your government and of the WHO on how we can all act to reduce the spread of the virus.


A Fundação Siemenpuu aceita propostas de projeto nas áreas temáticas de
1) Direitos bioculturais das comunidades florestais indígenas (país elegível: Quênia)
2) Conservação e uso sustentável de ecossistemas florestais e costeiros (países elegíveis: Libéria e Moçambique)
3) Mulheres rurais e soberania alimentar (países elegíveis: Libéria, Mali e Moçambique)


La Fondation Siemenpuu lance un appel à propositions de projets dans les domaines thématiques suivants:
1) Droits bioculturels des communautés forestières autochtones (pays éligible: Kenya)
2) Conservation et utilisation durable des écosystèmes forestiers et côtiers (pays éligibles: Libéria et Mozambique)
3) Femmes rurales et souveraineté alimentaire (pays éligibles: Libéria, Mali et Mozambique)


Siemenpuu Foundation calls for project proposals in the thematic areas of
1) Biocultural Rights of Indigenous Forest Communities (eligible country: Kenya)
2) Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest and Coastal Ecosystems (eligible countries: Liberia and Mozambique)
3) Rural Women and Food Sovereignty (eligible countries: Liberia, Mali and Mozambique)


Joint Programme Evaluation for Abilis, KIOS and Siemenpuu Foundations