Siemenpuu's development cooperation programme 2022-2025

*** Siemenpuu Foundation's website will be renewed in 2022. Thus, the information on the new programme is limited on these old webpages. ***


Siemenpuu Foundation’s programme 2022―2025 aims to improve rural communities’ (of over 125,000 people) equal opportunities to develop sustainable livelihoods and participate in the decision-making regarding their environment. The programme supports strengthening the diverse and multi-voiced civil society, which strives for environmental justice, particularly by advancing collaboration and networking. In all projects, biodiversity and climate sustainability are strengthened.

About 50 projects are funded in the programme. Supported projects are designed and implemented by local CSOs in target countries. Projects are identified through calls for project proposals, which are predominately public. Calls are subject to thematic and geographic restrictions and general Funding Guidelines and Criteria of Siemenpuu (pdf, 117 KB). Also Siemenpuu's Ethical Code of Conduct (pdf, 170 KB) must be followed in the supported projects. Here you can find the Siemenpuu Guidelines for Financial Management (pdf, 685 KB) and Siemenpuu Guidelines on Equality and Human Rights (pdf, 105 KB), as well as Guidance Note on Gender Equality (pdf, 170 KB) and Guidance Note on Disability Inclusion (pdf, 377 KB).

En français: Siemenpuu Lignes directrices et critères de financement (pdf, 310 Ko), Siemenpuu Code de conduite éthique (pdf, 468 Ko).

Diretrizes da Fundação Siemenpuu em português: Diretrizes e critérios de financiamento (pdf, 260 KB), Código de conduta ética (pdf, 250 KB), Diretrizes para gestão financeira (pdf, 340 KB), Diretrizes de igualdade e direitos humanos como objetivo transversal (pdf, 246 KB), Nota de orientação sobre a igualdade de gênero (pdf, 376 KB) e Nota de orientação sobre a inclusão da deficiência (pdf, 380 KB).

Siemenpuu does not accept applications outside published application rounds. Information about the opened calls for concept papers will be published here and in the News section of the website.

The programme’s five main target countries are Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique and Myanmar. In addition, especially if Siemenpuu is unable to continue financing activities in any of the main target countries, projects will be funded in Nepal. Siemenpuu's networks in the Brazilian Amazon, Indonesia and India will stay important for the networking and communications activities.

Programme’s themes

Biocultural Rights: strengthening of indigenous and local communities’ biocultural diversity by advancing the implementation of internationally acknowledged traditional rights (particularly KEN and MMR).

  • The call for concept papers to Kenya and Myanmar was open in February- March 2022.

Details of the call for Kenya in the news article.


Energy Justice: support to sustainable energy systems serving rural communities by advancing participatory energy planning and community-based energy production (particularly MLI, MMR).

  • The call for concept papers to Mali and Myanmar was open in April-May 2022.

Détails de l'appel à projets au Mali dans cet article d’actualités.


Feminist Agroecology and Community Forests: Strengthening the rights of local communities dependent on forests and smallholder farming in order to improve livelihoods and protect biodiversity (particularly LBR and MOZ).

  • The call for concept papers to Liberia and Mozambique was open in April-May 2022.

Details of the call for Liberia in the news article.

Detalhes da chamada para conceitos de projecto sobre Agroecologia Feminista e Florestas Comunitárias em Moçambique neste artigo.


Communications and global education

The objective of Siemenpuu's communications and global education in Finland is to raise awareness on the programme themes and strengthen active citizenship for global justice.


See here information and results of the previous programme 2018-2021.