Siemenpuu's development cooperation programme 2018-2021

See the Results page of the programme period 2018-2021.


During the programme period 2018-2022, Siemenpuu called for proposals through five funding schemes:


The support for the strengthening of civil societies is a cross-cutting goal of the programme. Human rights based approach, improving women’s rights and position, as well as mitigation of and adaptation to climate change are also included in all five funding schemes.

Programme main focus countries are Brazil, Indonesia, India, Mali, Myanmar and Nepal. In these countries Siemenpuu has long-term experience, expertise and strong cooperation networks to other actors working with similar advocacy and donor activities nationally and internationally. In India Siemenpuu's support with the MFA's programme based funding will be discontinued by the end of 2019. Siemenpuu may seek approval for further use of MFA's funds in 2020-2021 in India if such use would enable mobilization of other sources of funding, for example as a required co-financing element.

During 2018-2021, Siemenpuu planned to fund approximately 25-40 new projects, and 30 projects that have started before 2018. The goal is, among others, to strengthen the environmental rights of more than 50 000 beneficiaries and to contribute to processes leading to the inclusion of at least an additional 110 000 hectares of land under conservation and sustainable use.

Siemenpuu’s communications work in Finland supports reaching the programme goals. The communications activities will contribute in Finland to an understanding of the value and importance of development cooperation and policy. Siemenpuu plans to reach at least 30 000 people through its communications work annually.