World Village Festival 2014

Siemenpuu will continue conversations started last December in Helsinki (Siemenpuu goes Buen Vivir) about good living and new economy, seeking alternatives to current destructive direction of development, spreading commercialization and deepening feeling of powerlessness at the World Village Festival in Helsinki on May 24th–25th 2014.

International negotiations and agreements have not succeeded in bringing about real solutions for the climate change and the growing ecological crisis. More and more aspects of life and dimensions of nature are taken over for the purpose of serving the needs of market-driven development, while these seizures are disguised as work for the climate and the environment. Local communities are being displaced both physically and mentally in the name of development and environmental conservation. We need alternatives and practical solutions for the climate change and the ecological crisis. We need to live according to the terms of communities and in balance with nature. We need good living instead of continuous competing and pursuit of higher standards of living. We have to take back the economy!

At the World Village Festival Siemenpuu will be reflecting on the construction of a new economic model as a genuine solution for the climate crisis. A key aspect of this is the Buen Vivir thinking which provides a comprehensive and concrete alternative to the prevailing development outlook. We are bringing together agents from Finland and the global South and searching for connections and resemblances between Finland and particularly Latin America. What relevance do our actions and policies have on the lives of local communities in Latin America? What do we have in common with counter movements originated in the global South? What can we learn from one another?

Siemenpuu will receive as guests Mr. Marco von Borstel from the Friends of Earth of Mexico and Ms. Deolinda Carrizo from Via Campesina of Argentina, as well as Mr. Niabdulghafar ”Hamdee” Tohming from Focus on the Global South, Thailand, who is invited together with AEPF Finland.

Conversations with the guests will take place at the Taiga Stage and at the tent of Siemenpuu (section G470) close to the Taiga Stage and the fountain. At the Siemenpuu tent discussions will be held on four different themes which are open to participate in. There's also a possibility to talk to the guests after the public discussions.

Siemenpuu's programme:

Saturday May 24th
1:30pm–2.15pm FOOD
4pm–4:45pm MINING

Sunday May 25th
1:30pm–2:15pm ENERGY
3:30pm–4:15pm BUEN VIVIR

We will be regularly updating the event through May and informing more about Siemenpuu's programme and guests at the World Village Festival – Follow us on Facebook!

Below you can finds the links of the World Village Festival site to discussions at the Taiga Stage organized by Siemenpuu:

Take back the economy! Real solutions for the climate crisis (discussion in Spanish/Finnish) Sat at 12:50pm–1:10pm

A Good Life Against Global Competitiveness Sun at 12:20pm–12:40pm (in cooperation with AEPF)

Buen Vivir – an alternative to the Destructive Development Sun at 12:40pm–1pm (in cooperation with AEPF)

In addition, Siemenpuu and Kepa will produce an installation called Latin Atlantis.