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The Community Conservation Conference organised by the Global Forest Coalition in Durban, South Africa kicked off today. Programme on Monday 31st of August:


Forest conservation is a key topic of discussion for the next two weeks in Durban, South Africa. The discussion begins with the Fostering Community Conservation Conference (31st of August to 4th of September), organized by Global Forest Coalition, a partner organization of Siemenpuu.


Saturnino M. Borras Jr. will give a public lecture on the politics of land-grabbing and agrarian change which is followed by a panel discussion with civil society activists and researchers. The event is organised by Development Studies, University of Helsinki, Siemenpuu Foundation, Kepa and Friends of the Landless. Welcome!


Time: Thursday 27 August, 18:00-20:00

Venue: Metsätalo, University of Helsinki, Unioninkatu 40, Lecture hall 12



The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has informed that they plan to cut the funding of Siemenpuu Foundation for year 2016 by approximately 38 %. This is part of the massive cuts of the development cooperation funds announced by the new government. The cuts will hit hard the Siemenpuu Foundation and its partners in developing countries.


The new centre-right Finnish government has decided to cut development aid by 43%, prompting furious reactions from NGOs and fears other EU countries will follow its example.

The new Finnish government, which took power on 29 May and has former Commissioner Olli Rehn as minister of economic affairs, has decided to reduce the budget for development co-operation by 43%.


A panel discussion involving two Siemenpuu Foundation guests from India, a tribal-activist and a land-use researcher, together with University of Helsinki researchers.

Monday 18 May 2015, at 4pm-7pm

Unioninkatu 37, Faculty Meeting Room


21 Jan 2015

There has been a fraud case in the Cambodian NGO, 3S Rivers Protection Network (3SPN,

Siemenpuu Foundation has supported the project ”3S Community Hydropower Advocacy, Dialogue and Community Development Project” in 2012-2013 together with several other donors (Oxfam Novib, Oxfam Australia, American Jewish World Service, McKnight Foundation, Save Cambodia Wildlife). Siemenpuu’s share of the project funding was 36 000 €. The fraud was discovered during 2014.


Siemenpuu Foundation's Indonesia group is organizing a seminar on the current situation of oil palm production in Indonesia on Thursday 6 November. Particular focus will be on how the palm oil boom and power politics are intertwined and what kind of challenges local communities and environmental NGOs face. More information and details for registration on Events page.


Dismantle the power of transnational plantation corporations!

There is no “smart monoculture”: Support the People’s Climate March!