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In mid-October, Siemenpuu co-hosted a delegation of six experts in solar and other renewable energy from India. They had been invited to Finland by Siemenpuu and International Solar Innovations Council (InSIC) because of their commitment and efforts in making clean energy available also for the poor.

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Siemenpuu engaged actively in the World-Ecology conversations in the 4th Annual WERN conference “Extractivisms, Social Movements and Ontological Formations” that was organised this year in Helsinki, 15.-17.8.2018.


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The Siemenpuu Foundation now calls for project concept papers on Women's Rights, Food Sovereignty and Ecological Democracy.

Thematic focus of the call:
- Women's rights, agroecology, food sovereignty, just transition to ecological democracy, systemic alternatives.


The Siemenpuu Foundation now calls for project Concept Papers on Protection and Sustainable Use of Coastal Ecosystems from Indonesian civil society organisations. Deadline for the concept papers is 10.8.2018. The following guidance should be taken into consideration by the applicants:


Siemenpuu Foundation will organize on 28 May a dialogue on land rights and biocultural heritages of indigenous people in Helsinki. The speakers are Executive Director Nonette Royo from the International Land and Forest Tenure Facility, Chair of the Board Tapani Oksanen from the Rights and Resources Group, Council Member Aili Pyhälä from the ICCA Consortium and Board Member Tikli Loivaranta from the Siemenpuu Foundation.


The Siemenpuu Foundation board has made a tentative allocation of 180 000 euros for projects aiming for peatswamp forest conservation and restauration in Riau Province, Indonesia. We now call for concept papers on this theme from the Jikalahari network members and Hakiki. The deadline for the concept papers is 22.4.2018. The following guidance should be taken into consideration by the applicants:


We have renewed Siemenpuu's website according to our new development cooperation programme and new funding themes -- below a screenshot from the front page. From What we do main menu you will see information on the new programme and themes as well as information on the old programmes, which were running until 2017. More contents will be added to website in coming months.