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Œuvre Malienne d'Aide à la Femme et à l'Enfant au Sahel (OMAFES)

Œuvre Malienne d'Aide à la Femme et à l'Enfant au Sahel (OMAFES) on toiminut vuodesta 1991. Se on jäsen lukuisissa malilaisissa järjestöverkostoissa, myös ilmastojärjestöjen verkostossa Reso Climat. OMAFES toimii tukien paikallisyhteisöjä niiden kehityshankkeissa, ympäristökysymyksiä ja naisten ja lasten asemaa painottaen. Viimeaikaisissa hankkeissa teemoina on ollut mm. kampanjointi lapsiavioliittoja vastaan, paikallisyhteisöjen vahvistaminen radikalismin ja ääriliikkeiden torjunnassa, ilmastonmuutokseen sopeutuminen.


Civil society views from India, Mali, Mozambique and Nepal

Anabela Lemos from JA! (Mozambique), Ibrahim Togola from MFC (Mali), Ritu Priya from SADED (India) and Uddhab Pyakurel from SADED-Nepal (Nepal) shared their views in the Siemenpuu webinar on 27 May 2020. Below are the main issues discussed by the invited speakers.


Anabela Lemos, Justiça Ambiental (JA!), Mozambique:


Siemenpuu Foundation calls for project proposals in the thematic areas of
1) Biocultural Rights of Indigenous Forest Communities (eligible country: Kenya)
2) Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest and Coastal Ecosystems (eligible countries: Liberia and Mozambique)
3) Rural Women and Food Sovereignty (eligible countries: Liberia, Mali and Mozambique)


On Mali


[Ruby van der Wekken]  In the North, which hosts under its desert soil yet unexplored quantities of uranium and oil, two Touareg groups - the influential Ifoghass minority and the Imghoud majority - have seen for a long time a series of disputes due to the existing socio economic inequalities (between the groups, between the North and South of Mali, resulting from Mali’s peoples marginalisation at large from a global perspective), and rebellions have happened for decades.

It's Friday 20th of November in Bamako, Mali


It's Friday 20th of November in Bamako, Mali. This morning, the news upon waking up in my hotel was given by a colleague that an attack and hostage taking is going on at the Radisson hotel downtown. In the following moments it sinks in, that this is the same hotel where we were yesterday with our partner Mali Folkecenter (MFC) for the third event of this year's FENA national environmental forum, and where we were meant to be continuing today.  The second day's discussions were supposed to be on renewable energy in Mali. As I am writing this blog, some hostages are being released.